Swiss Chard

rainbow chard
Rainbow Chard
green chard (unknown variety)
Green chard, unknown variety

Veggie Type: Leafy Green

Season: All year round, but spring-summer is optimal

Peak months: April-June

Uses: Swiss chard is one of the lucky vegetables with equally delicious leaves and stalks. For a quick side dish/light meal, chop and sauté the leaves and stalks with garlic, mix with rice, and squeeze a bit of fresh lemon juice on top! Swiss chard also makes a wonderful addition to a stir-fry, especially if you’re using rainbow chard. All swiss chard varieties can be eaten raw, although many are better when cooked. If you’re thinking of making a salad or wrap from your swiss chard, snap off a bit first to see if you like the texture and flavor!

Swiss Chard Inspiration