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two heads of radicchio

Veggie Type: Leafy veggie

Season: Year-round, but typically more of a winter veggie

Peak months: February-April

Uses: This Italian veggie is actually a form of chicory, which might be surprising if you only know chicory from the nutty, earthy taste of its root. The versatile chicory family actually includes lots of salad veggies, including endive, escarole, and frisée. If your radicchio has outer leaves, like the one in the picture, they can be peeled back to reveal a veggie that looks a lot like a red cabbage. If you’re not sure whether you have a red cabbage or a radicchio, try a little bit. Red cabbage is fairly mild while radicchio is very bitter, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to tell them apart taste-wise. If you like the bitter flavor, try preparing radicchio raw. Mix it with other salad veggies for a spicy salad or use one of the leaves as a bowl to hold a creamier/milder side dish (think macaroni salad). Radicchio can also be grilled, broiled, or sautéed.

Radicchio Inspiration

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