About Kelly Moreland

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Hi there! I’m Kelly Moreland, a Professional Home Organizer in Ithaca, New York and the proud mother of two young adult daughters. I’m also a simple home cook committed to eating mostly in-season vegetables year-round. The easiest way for me to do this is to buy CSA shares in the winter and summer, which I have done for many years. Vinegar Home is a place for me to share my enthusiasm for cooking with “surprise guest veggies” and for making the most of what’s growing in my region. Not knowing what will be in my CSA share each week taps into my love of home systems and never letting anything go to waste. Sometimes the veggies inspire me to do something ambitious and new, but mostly I keep things simple because freshly harvested vegetables are pretty amazing just as they are.



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Mom. Who taught me to never leave home for very long without a peanut butter and honey sandwich in my purse.

My mother taught me that sharing

recipes connects us with others. She was a food enthusiast and never left anyone’s house without one of their recipes. I recently inherited her massive recipe collection which began with strong influences from the depression era, World War II, and the Joy of Cooking, and grew into mostly vegetarian dishes with flavors from around the world. I like to think that Vinegar Home honors my mother’s ever-evolving curiosity about new foods and her appreciation of healthy foods, resourcefulness, and frugality.

A library file card style recipe box with tow drawers, both opened to show the many recipe cards inside
Just a fraction of the recipes I inherited from mom, ranging from “Pickled Canned Beets” to “Homemade Baba Gannoush.” Most Vinegar Home recipes originate here!