Pull up a chair and stay a while.

Think of Vinegar Home as that house you love to hang out at because it smells good and there’s always lots of cooking from scratch going on. Please make yourself at home. Read through the questions below and – if they ring true for you – then you’ve definitely come to the right place.

  • How can I trim my expenses and make the most of what I have?
  • How can I start eating vegetables every day?
  • Does my current food supply chain still meet my needs, or should I start growing a garden or buying from local farmers?
  • If I buy a weekly CSA share or have an abundant crop, will I get overwhelmed and end up letting food go to waste?
  • How can I cook from scratch every day when my life gets busy?


Every post on Vinegar Home will give you answers to these questions, and the refrain we will repeat again and again until you might even get mildly annoyed with us is: What do you have? Let’s Start there.

This site is brand new.

And just like those saplings we all love to watch grow, Vinegar Home will grow too. Join us now and we can all learn and grow together.

You’ll find that Vinegar Home is a collaborative place. It’s about sharing ideas, strategies and inspiration to help us all make the most of what we have. So once you get settled in, we’ll want to hear from you – on Instagram, Pinterest, or in our Facebook group community. Or email us at team@vinegarhome.com. 

Where to start?

We recommend downloading our free pantry list. This pantry list can also serve as your grocery list, and is designed to help you start with the most useful basics in your cupboards and slowly build from there. Once you have all of the pantry items on that list and a source for fresh vegetables, you can make anything on this site with little to no planning. As we gather ideas from the Vinegar Home community, this pantry list will be updated and we will send you the updated versions as it evolves.   

Don’t be a stranger!


Kelly & The Vinegar Home Team