How to Make Soap Savers out of Produce Bags

Scraps of soap in a mesh bag

A Vinegar Home “Double Duty” Tip Whenever I bring a mesh produce bag home from the grocery store, I gather up my half-used bars of soap and make a homemade “soap saver.” These little mesh bundles are great for hand washing and keep soap scraps from dissolving into a puddle.  You can make a soap […]

Ode to the Glass Peanut Butter Jar

Glass peanut butter jars filled with cooked chickpeas

Glass peanut butter jars are a bonus gift–not unlike the cotton sacks flour used to come in. These jars are sturdy and versatile, and most glass peanut butter jar lids are interchangeable, which is another reason to love them.   How can you make use of glass peanut butter jars? Glass peanut butter jars are […]

8 Tips to Keep Fruit Flies Out of Your Kitchen

Fruit fly trap on a kitchen counter

A hard-working kitchen, stocked with lots of fresh produce, is an inviting gathering place for both humans and fruit flies alike. To keep flying pests at bay, I keep less produce outside of the refrigerator during the summer months, but I still keep some things out such as fruit, some herbs, fresh-picked tomatoes, squash, fresh […]