Bell Peppers

a mix of yellow, red, orange, and green whole bell peppers on a wood background

Bell Peppers Veggie Type: Nightshade – technically a fruit Season: Summer Peak months: June-September Uses: Also referred to as “sweet peppers,” bell peppers are incredibly versatile. We particularly like to roast them, then layer them into sandwiches and quesadillas, toss them into pastas or salads, and purée them into soups, sauces, and spreads such as […]

Graffiti Eggplant

One large and four small pink and purple deckled eggplants on a light wood background

Graffiti Eggplant Veggie Type: Nightshade. Botanically a berry. Season: Summer through Fall Peak months: August – October Uses:  Graffiti Eggplant Inspiration More graffiti eggplant inspiration coming soon! Let us know on our Facebook page that you’re waiting for it and we’ll let you know as soon as it is available.

Yellow Cucumber

three silver slicer cucumbers

Silver Slicer Cucumbers Veggie Type: Gourd Season: Summer Peak months: July-August Uses: White cucumbers tend to be a bit more bitter than their green cousins. The smaller the cucumber, the milder and sweeter the taste, so try a slice of a smaller cucumber to see if it is sweet enough for your taste. Of course, […]

Yellow Zucchini

two yellow zucchinis

Yellow Zucchini Veggie Type: Gourd Season: Summer Peak months: June-September Uses: If you’re asking yourself how to tell the difference between yellow zucchini and summer squash, here’s your answer! Since zucchini is a type of summer squash, these confounding veggies are actually both zucchinis and summer squashes. The flavor is very similar to that of […]

Shishito Pepper

produce basket of shishito peppers

Shishito Pepper Veggie Type: Technically fruit! Season: Can be found year-round Peak months: July-September Uses: Shishito peppers are typically mild and sweet, but they can pack a bit of a punch so don’t get too comfortable. Try cooking them in oil until they’re wrinkled and charred to make a delicious side dish. Shishito Pepper Inspiration […]

Habanada Pepper

habanada peppers

Habanada Pepper Veggie Type: Technically, a fruit! Season: Late summer, must be very hot Peak months: August Uses: The habanada pepper is a non-spicy variant of habanero peppers, and it works best as a snacking pepper. Eat them whole, or slice them and add to wraps. Habanada Pepper Inspiration More habanada inspiration coming soon! Let […]

English Cucumber

english cucumbers

English Cucumber Veggie Type: Gourd Season: Summer Peak months: July-September Uses: In comparison with regular cucumbers, English cucumbers are more user-friendly (no large seeds, thin skin, sweeter), but they have a shorter shelf life. They’re great for snacking and adding to your salads and sandwiches, but eat quickly. English Cucumber Inspiration More cucumber inspiration coming […]



Tomato Veggie Type: Technically a fruit! Season: Summer Peak months: July-September Uses: Some uses for raw tomatoes include salads, sandwiches, wraps, salsas, pico de gallo, and taco toppings. If you have an abundance of tomatoes, try them in soups (e.g. gazpacho) or stews (e.g. ratatouille). Tomato Inspiration More tomato inspiration coming soon! Let us know on our Facebook […]


three eggplants

Eggplant Veggie Type: Nightshade. Botanically speaking, a berry. Season: Summer Peak months: July-September Uses:  The texture and versatility of eggplant make it a great meat substitute. Try it pan-fried with breadcrumbs or grilled and used in a cheesy panini. Other popular eggplant recipes are Eggplant Parmesan,  Ratatouille, and Baba Ghanoush. Storage: Though eggplants look tough, they actually […]


five pickling cucumbers

Cucumber Pickling Cucumbers English Cucumbers White Cucumbers Veggie Type: Gourd Season: Summer Peak months: July-August Uses: Different types of cucumbers serve different purposes best. For example, short, bumpy cucumbers are great for pickling, while long, smooth cucumbers are great for snacking, salads, or sandwiches. For something fun, try making cucumber lemonade. Cucumber Inspiration More cucumber inspiration coming […]