Radish Microgreens

bag of radish microgreens

Radish Microgreens Veggie Type: Microgreens Season: Can be grown any time of year Peak months: Great choice for the winter, when access to greens is limited Uses: Radish microgreens bring all the flavor and spice of radishes into a new format. They’re perfect for sprinkling on top of avocado toast, salad, or beans and rice. […]

Cylindra Beet

three cylindra beets

Cylindra Beet Veggie Type: Root Season: Grows spring through fall and stores well throughout the winter Peak months: July-August Uses: Cylindra beets are longer and thinner than regular beets, which makes them perfect for slicing into uniform rounds. They can be used in any recipe that calls for ordinary beets, but they have the added […]

Purple Mu Radish

three purple mu radishes

Purple Mu Radish Veggie Type: Root Season: Can be found year-round Peak months: February-April Uses: Purple mu radishes are perfect for adding color to kimchi or pickling on their own for a spicy snack. Try grating raw radishes into coleslaw, noodles, a stir-fry, or any dish that could use a peppery kick. Raw radishes can […]

Sweet Potato

sweet potato

Sweet Potato Veggie Type: Root Season: Typically available year-round Peak months: Peak harvest months around August-October Uses: Sweet potatoes are the darlings of the vegetable world. Sweet as candy and packed with nutrients, they also have the advantage of being quick and easy to prepare. You can grill them or cook them in the microwave […]

Purple Top Turnip

Purple top turnip

Purple Top Turnip Veggie Type: Root Season: Harvested late summer through fall and stored through the winter Peak months: Harvested August-November Uses: The purple top turnip is the most common and recognizable variety of turnip. They’re delicious steamed, mashed, and topped with butter and salt and pepper. They’re also great stir-fried, roasted, or pickled. Remove […]

Green Meat Radish

four green meat radishes

Green Meat Radish Veggie Type: Root Season: Fall and Spring, stores well through the winter Peak Months: October – November or April-May Uses: Green meat radishes are crisp and spicy and are best eaten raw. Try a thin slice on a cracker or crusty bread. It pairs especially well with butter, cheese, or something creamy […]


bunch of young carrots

Carrot Veggie Type: Root Season: Younger carrots are available in the summer and older carrots are stored and sold through the winter Peak months: July-November are peak harvest months Uses: Carrots are a great staple veggie to keep in your fridge year-round. They last for a long time and are extremely versatile. Enjoy them raw with […]



Rutabaga Veggie Type: Root, cruciferous  Season: Harvested in the fall but sold most of the year  Peak months: August-November Uses: Rutabagas most resembles a root vegetable, but they’re actually a cross between a wild cabbage and turnip.  Typically, they’re sweet and mild but have a little bit of a sharp flavor like a turnip. How […]


Potatoes Veggie Type: Root Season: Summer, but potatoes store well and taste great in the winter Peak months: Peak harvest months are July-September Uses: Potatoes are extremely versatile. They can be boiled, baked, roasted, grilled or fried, and they complement a variety of spices and flavors. Potatoes fall into three basic categories:  waxy (thin-skinned), starchy or all-purpose. Waxy […]



Fennel Veggie Type: Greens Season: Hot summer months and into the fall Peak months: July-October Uses: Fennel is a unique veggie with a distinct licorice flavor. The bulb itself can be separated from the stalks, cut like an onion, and eaten raw, cooked or grilled. The flavorful fronds can be added to salads, sauces or dips […]