Be ready for the veggies!

Edit the Kitchen Staples Checklist below to work for you and your household. For example, this checklist includes wheat and dairy but doesn’t include meat, so you’ll want to add, delete, and switch out substitutes as needed depending on your diet. You can also reorder things in a way that works best for you (more on that below).



Go ahead, get detailed! The more specific, the more useful it is. 



Reminder, if you stay stocked with the staples “basics” — and have a regular source for fresh veggies — you’ll be ready to make any recipe on Vinegar Home with little to no planning.

How to use this list

3 ways to reorder your list to work for you

Option 1: Make it easier to take inventory while at home.
➤ List the areas of your kitchen: dry goods, countertop produce, refrigerator, freezer.
Option 2: Make it easier when you’re shopping.
➤ Order your list by the layout of the store. We recommend starting with the far side of the store where the heavier items are and ending with produce.
Option 3: Make it easier when you’re running errands.
➤ Group by the store: supermarket, discount store, specialty/health food store, farmers market.

How to make your list a habit

Pay attention to your habits at home and when running errands. Do you find yourself at the store while your list is at home? Then try digital. Do you hate messing with your phone while you are busy in your kitchen? Then go with a paper list. The important thing is that the system works for you and your household, is simple and intuitive, and that you use it consistently.