Ode to the Glass Peanut Butter Jar

Glass peanut butter jars filled with cooked chickpeas

Glass peanut butter jars are a bonus gift–not unlike the cotton sacks flour used to come in. These jars are sturdy and versatile, and most glass peanut butter jar lids are interchangeable, which is another reason to love them.


How can you make use of glass peanut butter jars?

Glass peanut butter jars are super handy when batch-cooking and freezing beans or your favorite pasta sauce. They’re also useful in the refrigerator for things like “quickles” or vinaigrettes or in the pantry for nuts, seeds, and dried fruit. To make use of one of these jars, use a spatula to completely clean it out and then soak it for at least an hour in hot soapy water to remove the label. 


Why batch-cook and freeze beans?

If you eat a lot of beans, you might want to consider batch-cooking and freezing your favorites. I typically batch-cook black beans and chickpeas (garbanzo beans), and my preferred method is an Instant Pot because you don’t have to pre-soak the beans, and it’s fast. I’m a chicken when it comes to conventional pressure cookers, but if you’re comfortable using one, that will work too. Or you can simply soak the beans overnight and cook them on the stovetop. I buy some canned beans as a backup but find that dried beans are tastier. Plus, with mock tuna, tacos, black bean quesadillas, and roasted chickpeas on heavy rotation in my household, defrosting a jar of homemade beans feels better than opening another can. A typical can of beans is fifteen ounces, and the peanut butter jar is sixteen ounces, so it’s easy to use a jar of homemade beans when a recipe calls for a can of beans. 


How many jars should you save?

As much as I believe in being resourceful and sustainable, I don’t think we should try to reuse every jar that comes into our home. Doing that will quickly become unmanageable. I recommend limiting yourself to the jar sizes you use the most and jars that fit one of three sizes of lids. For me, those three lid sizes are the wide mouth, regular, and the peanut butter jar lid. It’s also a good idea to have a designated box or shelf for each size jar that you use. When that designated area gets full, it’s time to recycle or give away some jars.


What is this vegetable and what do I do with it?!


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