How to Make Soap Savers out of Produce Bags

A Vinegar Home "Double Duty" Tip

Scraps of soap in a mesh bag

Whenever I bring a mesh produce bag home from the grocery store, I gather up my half-used bars of soap and make a homemade “soap saver.” These little mesh bundles are great for hand washing and keep soap scraps from dissolving into a puddle. 


Potatoes, clementines, and avocados in plastic mesh produce bags showing the different types and textures the bags come in


You can make a soap saver out of any kind of mesh produce bag. Among the many reasons I love to get my produce from local farm CSA’s is I get less packaging, but I do find that I often come home from grocery stores with citrus, avocados, or onions in one of these mesh bags. I don’t save them all, but I do find they can often serve a multi-purpose. The finer and tighter-weave bags are a little softer, but any will work.


Onions in yellow mesh produce bag next to a few scraps of bar soap


Get started making a soap saver. Cut a tube-shaped piece out of a produce bag, large enough to accommodate your soap scrap stash. Tie the mesh off at both ends, trim the ends, and voila! You have a little bundle of soap that will serve you for weeks or months (especially if you place it on a soap dish with drainage).

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