Slow Roasting Roma (Plum) Tomatoes

slices of roma tomatoes on cookie sheets in the oven

Roma tomatoes, a variety of plum tomatoes, are dense in flavor and best known for making sauces and pastes. When I have them in abundance, I love to slow roast them to concentrate their flavors even more and then freeze them so I can enjoy the taste of fresh tomatoes all winter long. These little flavor bombs give a lift to any winter soup and are delicious in pasta dishes, lasagna, frittatas, curries, and casseroles. Think of them as a “meatier,” juicier version of sundried tomatoes, but unlike sundried tomatoes, you can serve them straight out of the oven as a side dish. 

A note about the cooking time: The required roasting time will vary depending on the size of your tomatoes and how dry and chewy you want them. Many recipes recommend roasting for 5 hours, but 2-2.5 hours is usually plenty for me (2.5-3.5 is average). You’ll know they’re done when they have some browning around the edges and have reduced in size. They’ll appear dry on the surface, and the skin will toughen up.


How to roast roma tomatoes:

roasted tomatoes in a glass bowl

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