Fattoush Salad with Black-eyed Peas

Large wood salad bowl full of fattoush salad

Fattoush is a middle eastern salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, toasted pita, and a fresh lemon vinaigrette. As with all salads, the ingredients are flexible, but black-eyed peas make it feel like a festive meal.  A note about kitchen staples: If you’ve downloaded the Vinegar Home Kitchen Staples Checklist, you may have noticed that black-eyed peas […]


bag of arugula

Arugula Veggie Type: Leafy Green Season: Early Summer Peak month(s): June Details: Arugula has a spicy, peppery flavor. Younger leaves are more mild, and are great eaten raw in salads, sandwiches, or as a pizza topping. More mature leaves can become bitter and are best eaten lightly cooked in combination with fattier and/or sweeter ingredients. Arugula […]