Prepping & Storing Root Vegetables

An overhead photo of a plate with four sections. Each section has slices of root vegetables cut into wedges

Pictured above from left to right: daikon radish, purple mu radish, kohlrabi, and rainbow carrots.   Have a makeshift root cellar? Root vegetables do fine in the refrigerator, but an overcrowded produce drawer can feel overwhelming. A cool basement in the late fall and winter can be a useful place to store excess root vegetables. […]

Kohlrabi Bake

Casserole dish of kohlrabi bake

This is a yummy solution to the abundance of Kohlrabi in the winter and is also a great way to use up stale bread.    The Big Picture Kohlrabi is the star of this dish, but you can add potatoes, carrots, root vegetables, parsley, and any sturdy greens you have on hand. This recipe requires […]



Kohlrabi Veggie Type: Cruciferous Season: Summer & fall, stored through the winter Peak months: June-October Uses: Discard the tough outer shell to reveal a vegetable roughly the texture of broccoli stalk. Try kohlrabi roasted, steamed, or baked in a casserole. It is also great raw dipped in hummus or your favorite dip.  Kohlrabi Inspiration More […]

Red Kohlrabi

red kohlrabi

Red Kohlrabi Veggie Type: Cruciferous  Season: Available all year, but thrives in the colder months Peak months: October-May Uses: Peel away the tough exterior to reveal the versatile kohlrabi stem, comparable to a broccoli stem in texture. For a quick snack, try slicing it into sticks for a veggie platter or grating for a crisp […]