Homemade Veggie Scrap Broth

Three mason jars of brown broth

In Top 5 Things to Keep in the Freezer, I introduced the idea of keeping a veggie scrap bag in your freezer, which is how you make my sixth top frozen staple item—homemade veggie broth.  If you have a compost program in your community or a backyard compost, most of your food scraps probably end […]

Fattoush Salad with Black-eyed Peas

Large wood salad bowl full of fattoush salad

Fattoush is a middle eastern salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, toasted pita, and a fresh lemon vinaigrette. As with all salads, the ingredients are flexible, but black-eyed peas make it feel like a festive meal.  A note about kitchen staples: If you’ve downloaded the Vinegar Home Kitchen Staples Checklist, you may have noticed that black-eyed peas […]

Couscous and Carrot Tops Salad

Bowl of cooked couscous with colorful veggies and greens

Every time freshly harvested carrots with their beautiful, green tops still attached are included in my CSA share, I’m inspired to find a creative use for them. When they’re crisp and crunchy, I toss them into salads, and if they’re looking a little “tired,” I cook with them. This crunchy, carrot top-inspired salad has toasty, […]

Prepping & Storing Carrot Tops

Bundle of carrots on a wood background

When you are lucky enough to get freshly harvested carrots, with carrot tops still attached, use the greens as you would fresh parsley.  As soon as you get them, cut away the tops, give them a rinse and shake them out or spin them in a colander. Loosely wrap them in a clean dish towel […]

Curly Leaf Parsley

a bundle of curly leaf parsley one a pale wood background

Curly Leaf Parsley Veggie Type: Herb Season: Summer/Winter Peak months: Year-round for two years, but best the first year Uses:  Curly Leaf Parsley Inspiration More curly leaf parsley inspiration coming soon! Let us know on our Facebook page that you’re waiting for it and we’ll let you know as soon as it is available.

Parsley Root

bunch of parsley root

Parsley Root Veggie Type: Root Season: Cold-weather (fall through spring) Peak months:December-April Uses: Parsley roots look a lot like parsnips, but they’re more of a bright white (once you wash off the dirt and get peeling), and if you’re lucky, they’ll still have the easily identifiable parsley greens attached. The parsley roots should be peeled […]

Flat-Leaf Parsley

flat leaf parsley

Flat-leaf Parsley Veggie Type: Herb Season: Summer Peak months: June-October Uses: Flat-leaf parsley (a.k.a Italian parsley) can be substituted for curly parsley in soups, salads, and sauces, but it has a bit of a peppery taste so is especially great raw. Try using it as you might use Arugala or another salad green and chop […]