French Breakfast Radish

french breakfast radishes

French Breakfast Radish Veggie Type: Root Season: Can be found year-round but tend towards bitterness in the heat of the summer Peak months: April-June Uses: French breakfast radishes can vary in shape, but they can always be recognized by their distinctive coloring. They’re great snacking radishes and pair especially well with fat and dairy. Try […]

Yellow Cucumber

three silver slicer cucumbers

Silver Slicer Cucumbers Veggie Type: Gourd Season: Summer Peak months: July-August Uses: White cucumbers tend to be a bit more bitter than their green cousins. The smaller the cucumber, the milder and sweeter the taste, so try a slice of a smaller cucumber to see if it is sweet enough for your taste. Of course, […]


two celeriac roots

Celeriac Veggie Type: Root Season: Available year round Peak months: Peak season November-March Uses: Yes, celeriac (a.k.a. celery root) is a pretty homely looking veggie, but it is really useful to have on hand, especially in the winter. Cut off the exterior to reveal a white root that can be eaten cooked or raw. It […]

White Mu Radish

three white mu radishes

White Mu Radish Veggie Type: Root Season: Can be found year-round Peak months: February-April Uses: Mu/Korean radishes look a lot like daikon radishes, but they are not the same thing. Korean radishes are shorter and heartier in flavor, with a green tint that distinguishes them from their Japanese cousins. Try them pickled, steamed, or prepared […]

Parsley Root

bunch of parsley root

Parsley Root Veggie Type: Root Season: Cold-weather (fall through spring) Peak months:December-April Uses: Parsley roots look a lot like parsnips, but they’re more of a bright white (once you wash off the dirt and get peeling), and if you’re lucky, they’ll still have the easily identifiable parsley greens attached. The parsley roots should be peeled […]

Purple Top Turnip

Purple top turnip

Purple Top Turnip Veggie Type: Root Season: Harvested late summer through fall and stored through the winter Peak months: Harvested August-November Uses: The purple top turnip is the most common and recognizable variety of turnip. They’re delicious steamed, mashed, and topped with butter and salt and pepper. They’re also great stir-fried, roasted, or pickled. Remove […]



Kohlrabi Veggie Type: Cruciferous Season: Summer & fall, stored through the winter Peak months: June-October Uses: Discard the tough outer shell to reveal a vegetable roughly the texture of broccoli stalk. Try kohlrabi roasted, steamed, or baked in a casserole. It is also great raw dipped in hummus or your favorite dip.  Kohlrabi Inspiration More […]

Dragon Tongue Bean

Dragon Tongue Bean

Dragon Tongue Bean Veggie Type: Legume Season: Summer Peak months: July-October Uses: These beautiful beans can be eaten either raw or cooked, but be warned that the colors will fade with cooking! Try them mixed in a summer-vegetable-filled bean salad with cherry tomatoes. Dragon Tongue Bean Inspiration More dragon tongue bean inspiration coming soon! Let […]



Cauliflower Cauliflower can come in a variety of colors, including yellow (shown here), orange, and even purple! Veggie Type: Cruciferous Season: Harvested in the late summer/fall and stored & sold through the winter Peak months: Harvested September-November Uses: Cauliflower is a super underrated meaty vegetable that metaphorically blossoms when cooked. While it may be the […]



Rutabaga Veggie Type: Root, cruciferous  Season: Harvested in the fall but sold most of the year  Peak months: August-November Uses: Rutabagas most resembles a root vegetable, but they’re actually a cross between a wild cabbage and turnip.  Typically, they’re sweet and mild but have a little bit of a sharp flavor like a turnip. How […]