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Vinegar Home offers systems, strategies, and recipes that will help you cook with in-season, local veggies any night of the week with little to no planning.


Sound good?

Hi there! My name is Kelly Moreland, and I’m a professional home organizer in Ithaca, New York and the proud mother of two young adult daughters. I’m also a simple home cook committed to eating mostly in-season vegetables year-round. My mother taught me that sharing recipes connects us with others. I like to think that Vinegar Home honors my mother’s ever-evolving curiosity about new foods and her appreciation of healthy foods, resourcefulness, and frugality.


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So why vinegar?

Illustration of an old fashioned glass bottle of vinegarLike everything we value around here, vinegar is practical and helps you stretch and enjoy the resources you have. It can be fancy or it can be plain, and almost everyone has a story about how they use it.

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