Kale, Apple & Farro Salad

Wood salad bowl with salad forks, filled with small pieces of curly kale, apples, and farro

This salad is a celebration of textures, seasons, and flavors. I like to make it when apples are first in season, but then make some variation of it all winter long. You can load it up with whatever fresh and dried fruit you have on hand, and this tangy Fresh Lemon Vinaigrette will keep it […]

Curly Kale

Bundle of leafy curly kale in a whitewashed wood background

Curly Kale Veggie Type: Leafy Green Season: Most of the year (depending on how harsh your winters are) Peak months: September-November Uses: Curly kale is hearty and versatile and can be eaten cooked or raw. Remove thick stems and discard or use them in veggie stock. Curly kale is great in wraps, salads, and sandwiches […]