Roasted Delicata Squash

Delicata Squash is so sweet and delicious; you don’t need to do much to enjoy it. Just toss it in olive oil, roast it, and finish with a bit of flaky salt. These cheerful little half-moons can be eaten like french fries or added to pasta dishes or salads. Is the delicata squash skin edible? […]

Delicata Squash

One yellow squash with dark green indented stripes on a wood background

Delicata Squash Veggie Type: Gourd Season: Winter Peak months: August – February Uses: Delicata squash is best in the late summer to early fall. Also called peanut or bohemian squash, delicata is sweet and creamy, similar to sweet potatoes and butternut squash.  Can you eat delicata squash skin? Yes, absolutely! To prepare delicata: wash it, […]